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The Gus Robinson Foundation – Formed in 2014
Supporting Young People on the Pathway to Successful Careers

The Foundation is considering amalgamating with Hartlepool Youth a long-standing charity who has operated within Hartlepool for many years and who shares the same values and objectives of the Gus Robinson Foundation.  This includes Hartlepool Youth applying to the Charities Commission with new proposed objects and a new beneficiary class as follows:

The Charity proposes that the new Objects read as follows:

The object of the charity is for the public benefit:

- in the interests of social welfare, to improve the conditions of life of persons, in the area of benefit, by the provision of recreational facilities or other leisure time occupation;

- the advancement of education and training (including physical education) for young persons and adults;

- the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation in particular by the provision of facilities for the playing of amateur sports;

- the provision of facilities to support the health and wellbeing of the persons in the area of benefit.

Further Information

The trustees of the Hartlepool Youth Charity believe that the proposed new and wider Objects and wider Beneficiary Class is in keeping with its founder's intentions, and will help to ensure that the Charity's land is used effectively and to its full potential, and for the greater good of the area of benefit.


The trustees of the Charity are undertaking a consultation to seek the views of those living within the Borough of Hartlepool and the surrounding areas who may be affected by the proposed changes.

For further details and to attend this consultation, please contact Jeanette Henderson, Hartlepool Youth Chairperson on jeanette.h@gusrobinson.com or call 01429 234221.

All responses to this consultation must be received by no later than 28th February 2018

The Foundation works closely with a range of Local Education Facilities and other partner organisations to offer a number of bursaries, scholarships, cadetships and awards, all with the aim of creating incentive, raising aspiration and producing positive role models, all based within the town.

The Foundation began by focusing on high-profile initiatives, designed to support young people, promoting aspiration and achievement. 

The following principles underpin our aims and objectives as a charity:-

We believe that the only way to create long-term, sustainable success is to challenge you to help yourself, with the right support.

We believe that it is essential young people are prepared to take on global challenges.

No matter where the Foundation works, we will engage partners on the ground to ensure that projects are properly responding to local needs.

The Foundation takes comprehensive approaches that ensures that the maximum impact of its offerings is felt within the local community in which it is targeted.

The Foundation focuses its efforts in areas where it can have the greatest long-term impact. Foundation projects develop best practices and striving to constantly improve

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If you would like to be considered for funding, please apply in writing to: Jeanette Henderson, Gus Robinson Foundation, Stranton House, West View Road, Hartlepool TS24 0BW